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here with the obama care is a step in the right direction but we're far from having something that's going to work for us. >> eventually though you think we will work beyond the insurance. >> yes, absolutely yes. >> all right. k.g., keep it here in set, in studio. obama care website rollout has been a disaster. is this what they had up their sleeve the whole time? >> like this was a means to an end because umt mayly they wanted to push everybody out of their policies, they promised. okay, a big fat lie that you could keep your insurance. you like your insurance, you can keep it, lie. >> period. >> period. >> no, now you can't keep your own policy. they want to force you into a situation where everybody is going to have this government-run health care. i think it's obvious that's the path. they're tell you that's what they intend. >> president obama, harry reid, nancy pelosi, the leadership basically saying, we're for single payer. are you? >> no, but i must say that if you are, you know, at the moment the house of representatives one of these tea party people who is so down on obam
're an obama. >> bork became a verb. >> you could start something right here. >> all right. >> eric. >> okay, hosting o'reilly tonight, but cashing in tomorrow morning for a big interview with glen greenwald. i asked him if president obama regarding the nsa was uninformed or misinformed. >> inquestion is, do you think president obama was misinformed or uninformed? >> i think neither. i think he was informed but chose to tell the public things that he knew to be false. >> and then we go on and on. 11:30 tomorrow morning. >> cashing in. your turn, juan. >> it's the day after. the day after halloween. and we have to pick a winner for best costume, and the winner is -- >> heidi klum. 40-year-old heidi klum. >> wow. >> looking like a 100-year-old unbelievable. because she is gorgeous. of course, i think she's a gorgeous 100-year-old woman. that's unbelievable. >> juan, you're allowing her to walk around in old face. >> what's wrong with that? what are you upset with? >> agest. >> i must tell you, though, my granddaughters, my 1-year-old granddaughters were dressed at cat and mouse, so i think act
: you're absolutely right. obama, a very impressed that we have calculated risk that our solar powered. so, i mean, they go on and on. you guys are ramping up the twitter feed. do you have the big response? >> before i came to the studio we had about $600. in today's. i don't know if it is a big response and not. i don't normally starts twitter feeds that often. i have my own which has a few hundred followers. it is hard to know how responsive. a lot of reach weeds. gerri: i think i am one of them. >> and you can tell which of the most popular. gerri: last word, will this be a string of seeds that you will do? >>his is the first time in doing a parity, and it has been a lot of fun. i have a lot of frustration to take out. i am one of those people elect the health care plan, but my company had tab drop it because of obamacare. gerri: part of the millions who are facing that. thank you for coming on the show tonight. you have to check it out. a pretty cool twitter feed. @healthdotgov. it looks official. you know what, it is not. thank you so much. well, having a field day with the glitch
that obama care was supposed to solve. >> that has to be the last word. all right. >>> sticker shock from obama care isn't just sticking it to folks shopping for health care. it could be the grinch that killed the entire holiday shopping season. neil's gang trying to rescue christmas at the bottom of the hour. >>> but up here first, a black box can track and tax every mile you drive. this one may drive you mad. ♪ as your life and career change, fidelity is there for your personal economy, helping you readjust your retirement plan along the way, rethink how you're invested, and refocus as your career moves forward. wherever you are today, a fidelity i.r.a. has a wide range of investment choices to help you fine-tune your personal economy. call today, and we'll make it easy to move that old 401(k) to a fidelity i.r.a. medicare open enrollment. of year again. time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. buit never hurts to see if u can find bettoverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care la open enrollment ends decem
of obama has this perception of being aloof, right, president obama, i should say, be respectful -- >> right. >> -- has this perception of being aloof, hillary clinton sort of as being sort of an elitist, right, joe biden is joe six-pack, the average guy. takes the acela and takes the amtrak train home and the "tell it like it is" guy, that would i think have been disastrous if they had even changed. i think you guys might agree. >> yeah, absolutely. >> i completely agree. i agree. and it ended up working out for him, right? >> yeah. i'll steal from "cross fire." we'll cease-fire now. everybody agrees at least on this last subject. thank you, kevin. thank you, maria, appreciate it. >> great to be with you, don. >> you as well. >>> i'll bring in my next guest in just a moment. but a new study says you can't believe a word they say. why? we've got that next. we've been bringing people together. today, we'd like people to come together on something that concerns all of us. obesity. and as the nation's leading beverage company, we can play an important role. that includes continually
is now more powerful than president obama. obviously that's silly, but it's part of the right now. the second terms are challenging for president. all presidents have tough second terms. we're seeing now the beginning of this very difficult second-term curse. >> lara, so many articles are coming out discussing the president's leadership style, is he hands off? is he cold? why does that matter. >> everyone who advises you quite frankly is a competitor, opponent, or they're hopeful to receive some graces or benefits from your presidency itself. i think one of the more fascinating rattles, realities, presidents unless they're deeply engaged on what is going on them, they're able to be fooled by their advisers. when you look at president obama and president george w. bush, when you look at their approval ratings mirror each other. they show this. both these presidents had visionary styles, and then they like to delegate. by being out of the loop on many the details it's not surprising to me that we see policy failures in both administration. >> we need to take a break. we'll pick back
, his approach is bigger government, and mine is smaller government. i was the first to fight obama care, and he wants to expand it. >> you were the first one to fight it. you were the first one to sue on obama care. >> right. >> at the same time, is that an issue for virginia voters? i mean, you know, we look at these numbers, and we're talking about, you know, roughly 10% of the folks going to the polls are federal workers are their families. i mean, you've got huge -- >> yes, but lou, they're seeing this fail. they're seeing it fail before their very eyes on every network. it isn't just on fox. it's on cnn. it's on the three nbc, cbs, they're all running this failure. and this is proving that those of us on my side of the argument have been right, and it is a state issue because the single biggest budget decision the next governor of virginia will make is whether or not to expand medicaid under obama care. and may opponent is all for it. terry mcoff liaulifcauliffe, bi government guy. people to vote on november 5th is an opportunity. >> i think that is great -- that's a great stateme
rights. >> fox news continues to spread lies and deceit about become care. >> obama and his socialist party wanted to take over one sixth of the economy. >> medical devices, all kinds of crazy things, contraception. buy our own breast pump and birth control pill. >> this is just too good. >> it's not insurance. it's welfare. >> they're afraid of it being popular. >> all i ask of fox and everybody else to provide the content. >> you're taking away their choice. >> and i believe in choice. except obviously in marriage and reproductive rights. ♪ >>> it's been a week of setbacks, delays and partisan bickering and i am not talking about the outrage over the obama carolout but the judicial system. three major decisions this weekend. new york city, texas and latest in washington, d.c. first, right here in the big apple where judges from the 2nd circuit put to a stop to the decision issued in august that would have forced changes to the city's stop and frisk program. the reason? not the substance but the role of the judge who, quote, ran afoul of the code of conduct by compromising the quot
even more inefficient under president obama. >> yeah. that's exactly right. i mean, there's a higher caseload than years ago putting on president bush's nominees. what i think this comes down to is we have government by temp tantrum. the republicans didn't like the way the government was working and decided to shut it down and break it for everyone and doing the same thing with the courts. they don't want the courts to rule in a way they don't like. they'll stomp their feet and scream and break it. they want to shut it down. ultimately, you know, it is terrible for the nominees, terrible for the judges but the people that pay the price are individual americans and they're the one who is are getting harmed by this and with the judges the republicans don't care. >> we see that the republicans don't care how the ideological temper tan trem americtrum impa. thank you. >> thank you. >>> millions of fellow americans just went off of a hunger cliff and the gop congress, oh, they're home enjoying a good meal. >> now, food banks and assistance centers in the bay area expect another boost in t
but also to all of us. >> president obama right now in the midst of a challenging time in his presidency. you've been watching it, his signature program, health care reform, under a lot of fire. a large majority of the public in some polls thinking the country is going down the wrong track here. where does the president's faith, from what you know about him, how does it factor in for him at times like this? >> i would say a few things. one, his faith gives him a sense of perspective that this is a long life we live. many of us also believe in eternal life even after this one. there are going to be challenging that come and go. but you have to hold onto the fact that this is a very long life and we'll have positive moments even after the negative ones that come. his faith also gives him a sense that there are things that are even greater than politics. even after a very busy day in the white house, he gets to go home to a wife who loves him and two wonderful daughters. i think that really grounds him as well. >> he said it means the world to me about those pieces of scripture, the devotio
. >> and aj, you are on a roll man. you also just interview ready president obama's private chef, right? >> the rock star chef of chicago who cooks exclusively for the first family. so i had to ask him, what is the obamas' favorite things to eat? >> mrs. o's new secret weapon. >> just imagine what will happen when we take our kids to the grocery store and they see the "sesame street" muppets lining all over the produce aisle? >> "sesame street" teaming up with the first lady and foodie sex symbol, white house chef sam cass, to help reduce childhood obesity. >> can be a lot of fun and have impact. >> what is the president's favorite food? >> you know that's top secret information. no, just playing. always have vegetables, whole grains but will love a good burger. >> i'm going to give you an extra challenge. you ready for this? >> bring it. >>e have maria menounos, greek, mario loz, mexico. i'm from jersey. make the salad? >> pickles, let us it, cucumb s cucumbers, red pepper, jalapeno dressing for your man. >> works >>> were you a fan of "cheers"? >> sam malone is one of the greatest tv
of dollars from the united states. >> right. the thanks you get for president obama releasing over a billion dollars in aid is more accusations. and the pakistanis have always done this. america is the big -- for all political parties, america is the monster. but giving me the money, please. there was no peace process going forward. nonetheless, the pakistanis always, while they grab money with both hands, steal money with both hands, they like to blame us. it works for them. the problem is, up in the northwest frontier, wa zero stand, et cetera, a lot of the people want the taliban fanatics gone. they're not complaining about the drone strikes. it's the intelligenceia and the media in islamabad or pin di. >> that's interesting and something to watch. i want to move on to another story that surprised a lot of folks when it was revealed by general odierno at a conference. as we expect our troops to stay combat ready, particularly talking about the war on terror for example, that army personnel have not been taking part in training exercises for the last six months due to the lack of funding?
the record" right now. >>> six. do you hear me? six. remember that number. the obama administration well, probably wishes it could forget it. >> these early numbers are embarrassing. nothing short of embarrassing for the administration. they day one six people enrolled. >> probably just overloaded with traffic. >> millions of americans are visiting which is great news. unfortunately the site was only designed to handle six users at a time. >> internal memos are showing that six people only six people signed up on day one of the healthcare exchange program. >> what we learned from selected cherry picked leaks from the republican committee is that there are notes out there
obama care warning signs continues. >> i don't know if i would be talking to you now. >> "hannity" starts right here, right now. >>> welcome to "hannity." tonight for the hour we'll be joined by a studio audience from both sides of the aisle to debate the disastrous health care overhaul. you will hear from real people. real cancellation letters, real rate shock. on day one of the obama care exchanges only six americans -- only six people signed up for it. that's not the only embarrassing part. it is pathetic. we bring in the studio audience. good to see everybody. all right. is there one liberal here -- i'm looking for just one -- that will admit that the american people were lied to? if you like your plan -- >> clearly didn't tell the truth about it. it's clear we have to figure out why and what to do about it. we have to make the law work. we can't just trash obama care. >> why do we have to make a law work? >> it's the law of the land, sean. >> slavery was, too. we overturned that. >> so you will admit we were lied to. >> clear. >> if you like your plan, you can keep your plan.
you back here in 30 minutes. i'm fredericka whitfield. "your money" right now. >>> a legacy on the line. after fighting for fairness, is it the rich riding highest in the obama economy? i'm christine romans, and this is "your money." it was just two weeks ago when it seemed the president had won his latest battle. >> the way business is done in washington has to change. >> but with an obama care fiasco bringing any momentum to a screeching halt, has he lost the war? a president whose signature legislation has turned into a national punchline. >> so if your doctor's only giving you three weeks to live, you are screwed, okay? >> whose spy agencies are tapping allies' cell phones. >> i guess the real question is who's in charge? the president doesn't seem to know if he's spying on our allies. >> the president says he didn't know about it. the only thing going the president's way these days, the economy. at least for those with the money to take part, the dow and the s&p 500 hit all-time highs again this week. corporate profits roaring back. and a housing rebound. but you need c
on foreigners. how about our constitutional rights. >> the idea that she doesn't know. she is talking about -- that's the thing, for obama to say that i had no idea about the strategic nsa program after years of being in charge that defies belief. the president will not have the day-to-day information. to say he is not briefed in on these 30,000-foot programs forget about it. and then for the senator to say she had no idea, either they are twisting the reality for political purposes and that's what i believe they are doing or they are the world's most incurious, uninquiz tiff and uninterested people. >> can it be both? >> it could certainly be both. >> isn't that the commander-in-chief playbook though? it is the iran contra playbook a lot of i don't knows and this person did that and this person did this. >> that is absolutely true. there is always going to be an element of deny and lack of understanding. that's the understanding. and then you get back to business. what i am saying is is it strange for a white house that has seemed to be politically savy, it is a strange route to take and t
to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> hi, everybody, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching under the circumstances tonight. let's get right to our top story. the obama carrollout taking another disastrous turn according to documents released by the house oversight committee only six people signed up for the healthcare law on its first day. that's right. six people. recent "saturday night live" skit mocking health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius was spot on. >> millions of americans are visiting, which is great news. unfortunately the site was only designed to handle six users at a time. [ laughter ] >> in total, 248 people enrolled in obama care nationwide by the end of day two according to an internal obama administration memo obtained by that oversight committee. adding to the list of white house whos is the fact that the vast majority of those signing up on state exchanges are signing up for medicaid while a much smaller number are signing up for private insurance, the administration says it will release officia
because obama care requires them to. >> exactly right. >> it is an interesting argument by the administration. that's the one they have chosen. as far as blaming republicans they appear to be pinning the health disaster b on the gop. among other items they talk about republican lawmakers b aren't giving information to constituents about how they can avail themselves of obama care. is that their b job? is it the job of the congressmen we put in office to call constituents or take calls and say, let me walk through how to get the coverage. >> of course not. especially when you consider many republicans you are talking about was elected with the precise assignment of blocking obama care. if you look back at the 2010 elisabeth hasselbecks it was largely about obama care. people were with sent to washington, d.c. to slow this down. not for political interests. not to slag the president but because they thought this would lead to bad consequences. republicans predicted a lot of this. republicans said the website was likely to fail. republicans said you wouldn't be abl
of senior officials within the obama administration. so who's right here? is it a blame game going on? >> well, kelly, you know, let me just jump in here and say what i am against is the hypocrisy. the hypocrisy of former state department officials like this former ambassador who are now saying, oh, gee, isn't it terrible that we're gathering all this intelligence information? i can guarantee if you look back at his requests when he was the u.s. ambassador to romania, he made specific intel requests to try to figure out what was going on in some particular issue. so let's just make sure we call out the hypocrites. you don't get the request for intelligence gathering without having the difficult task of gathering intelligence. it just is a basic principle. >> there's a lot at stake. the terrorists can be right once. we have to be right all the time. >> exactly right. the collection the united states is conducting is not what we're seeing china and north korea doing. we're not engaging in cyber espionage to damage infrastructure. we're trying to protect national security and inform poli
mitchell's report on this book, david. take a listen. >> the book has new details on obama's edgy relationship with bill clinton. when the two tried to bond over a round of golf, obama couldn't even finish 18 holes telling an aide, i like him. in doses. and the author's right after the famously talkative clinton held obama captive during a campaign event in new york, they were supposed to share a one-on-one meal but obama couldn't handle any more undiluted clinton. so invited aides to join. >> okay, david. you're a white house correspondent there for the "washington post." is this new to you? what do you make of it. >> it's not really new. this is obviously someone who ran president obama beat bill clinton's wife in 2008. and since then, their relationship had been strained. for that reason, you know, president clinton is very protective of his wife and certainly said some things back in 2008 that got him off to a rough start. they tried to patch it up during the first term. i covered a lot of this. it's true there was friction here and it's true even that you know, sometimes i th
. the obama administration has to get it right by 30th. but i think they will. but i think it's extremely slippery logic to think ha somehow the website didn't work for the first 30 days or first few weeks that obama doesn't doesn't work. if the website had worked perfectly, would the right be suddenly saying obama care makes sense? universal health care is a good idea. of course not. >> you think this makes it easy. the fight -- >> yeah. >> -- on whether this health care plan really has merit has just been made easy for the naysayers? >> low-hanging fruit. >> so let's talk about legacy, then. the president's legacy is defined in large part likely by this health care effort. and that's whether it's effective or not. so mercedes, is this white house, in your view, in trouble? >> yeah, absolutely. just this week he made the oversimplified statement to try and defend his oversimplified statement that if you like your health care, can you keep it. well, in fact, 10 million people are likely to lose their health care. the ones that they picked. and he called it quote, unquote, substandard plan
.s. assistance to fight terrorism. obama promised help and said iraq needed to do more for democracy and human rights for all iraqis. >> we are deeply invested in an iraq that is democratic and prosperous. i communicated to the prime minister that anything we can do forring about that future iraq is something we want to work on. >> the prime minister said he was in agreement with the position of the u.s. administration. for iraq and the region to cooperate. we are working on security and intelligence to fight al qaeda because it is good for iraq and the middle east. >> but his trip is not without controversy. outside the white house, iraqis caught on obama to refuse support for the iraqi leader. they say his leadership style is partly to blame for the violence. there is speculation that at&t is considering taking over dafone, which has operations in the middle east, africa, and europe. neither company has commented on the report. volkswagencarmaker has posted an 18% drop in sales in for october in the u.s. market. the leading automaker in europe aspiring to be the world's number one, but is ha
on this site enables the team of the post described the least sixty five such rights between the two hundred and seven and eight two thousand of them go inside it. with the prime minister pockets on the lost city meeting with president obama in washington. but this budget will show he told reporters. he brought up the issue of gold strikes with mamaw. emphasizing the need for an end to such strikes. his poem itself drew and strikes. i usually do so and education obe. in my first statement to the parliament and the need to attend our strong commitment to ensuring an end to the vocal effects. more news and the upper part is international conference. i had to do that the use of drones is not only can you live nation. what did it to her integrity. gore so detrimental to one's own efforts and imaging to resume from our country. this issue has become a mission to get into mumbai decoration chavez with. i would have forced us to be put in. going next the thus baucus the new officials have denounced any drone attacks but the washington post story exposes the noteworthy that the new obama strikes wit
and fixed. >> first of all, apple fixed it and obama care is not working right. we found out now almost like "saturday night live" was prophetic in saying there were only six people could use it at a time. they said it as a joke. only six people sound up the first day. let me ask you something. what if apple, after all of its build up for the iphone 5 sold six iphones worldwide on the first day instead of the millions that they sold? tim cook would be selling hot dogs and apples out front of the store on 59th street. i mean, that's what is so ironic. you don't have something that is touted as such a success have something be a disaster and do anything other than fire somebody. >> meanwhile vice president joe biden one of the members in attendance. worried upon their re-election campaigns next year that, look, this goes beyond the web site problems. it's an infrastructure problem. we are going to have to go back to our districts and tell med5 they open it, it's there if you like it, vote for it if you don't get in there and get somebody to clear it up. >> governor huckabee, always a pleasure
, president obama showed us his abs. he was half naked in that martha's vineyard. >> all right, all right. look, look. at least he didn't have missionv accomplished behind him. >> then you can't do that! you're a bad guest!cont ♪ >>> it's that magical time. one more thing.on dana, cake it off. >> so i'm having a beckel moment. earlier in the show i said that governor john huntsman was behind the leaks to harry reid about mitt romney's the rumor in the book it was john huntsman, senior. fo both of those things have been o debunked by thef family. who knows who is right? i apologize for that. >> that was very beckel of you. >> yeah. although it was sincere. >> greg? >> let's ban this phrase, debauchle. there is too many other words we can use. can great disaster, calamity, complete failure, fiasco and my favorite, obama. o oh, that's an obama. you're an obama. >> bourque became a verb. >> i like it. you can start something right here. >> all rightng.c. eric? >> hosting o'reilley tonight. but "cashin' in" tomorrow morning. interview with again greenwold. i asked him if president
up to pitch in the money, who fits the bill or does obama care do i unfunded? my guest later this hour has information on that. also we are waiting an fbi news conference inside of los angeles, that is the podium right there obviously and we expect detectives and the fbi to give usut latest on the investigation following the shooting in lax. we'll monitor this for you when they get started. they are running a few minutes behind much our journalist are turning up new details about what happened yesterday. los angeles international airport at this hour is getting back to normal. this was the seen in terminal three, a stampede basically. a gunman pulled out an assault rifle and opened four. and terfoyed passengers and dropping anything they had leaving shoes and belts behind and trying to attack cover and get away from a man on a mission to kill. >> we heard eight shots ring out bang, bang, bang. >> it was like a movie and so intense and not normal to hear that. we all just panicked and flooded through the screening x-ray machines and tsa was right there with us. and we didn't k
obama and all the people in congress is looking for models how to do it right and in san francisco our culture has been we don't make people just go to primary centers we try to bring those valuable services to where people live and in tenderloin a lot of people in need live in this wonderful community. and when we are through helping to revitalize the market we're going to bring in a lot of revitalization over a one hundred and a 70 unit here all right. for homeless people by bringing in a prim center i want to thank the health care industry. today is 9-1-1 and we want to thank the first responders for a manmade disaster that effected all of us. there could be a crisis that happens in people's lives and we're taking care of people right here in our community like when we did in rovrnd whether new york or the asian crash where we did so well, with our personnel where people need the health care whether vision or anything. so i want to again thank the heartbeat department and thank the folks for the leadership in the toirnd center. i want to extend a very hearty thanks to lisa is a be
solo cup! we will be right ba ba >> stewart: we are back. so as we have been hearing, president obama's healthcare plan rollout is called the worst rollout since crystal meth pepsi and made the president some fierce adversaries. >> if you watch jon stewart you are in deep trouble. >> if you lost jon stewart you are in trouble. >> even jon stewart taking shots at obamacare, what impact does that have on the whole public dialogue? >> stewart: what impact does me have on the public dialogue? well, it introduces to the healthcare debate the term (bleep) punt. i don't think it has been used prior. and it is now, according to the affordable care act covered. but i guess it is very significant that even jon stewart, even jon stewart has turned against it. i can't recall even i don't know stewart ever doing that before. >> "the daily show" host jon stewart joabl joked that the white house stayers have been reading their e-mails. if he lost jon stewart, i am just saying -- >> even jon stewart has been hammering at this. >> even i don't know stewart was turk on, turning on the president saying
. romney, by the way, was not invited to attend the president's annual hall speech. defending obama care. >> question, who aside from mitt romney sees the current chaos as disruptive? >> i think romney was right on the mark there. when you have a bipartisan, when the governor is helping you out to implement the program and the government is part of the program, it works. the state that is receptive to government in healthcare. when you go to mississippi, of course, they will do everything to throw monkey wrenches into the process who don't want to implement it. this is his statement. goes directly with obama is saying. wanting the thing to work and not wanting to work. >> there is also massive resistance which really rivals many. but mitt romney has, he has said numerous times before this clip that you just aired, a couple years previous to that, that he saw romney care, or the plan he developed and created in massachusetts as a model for the country. you can find that video tape quite easily, john, i'm sure you will. >> not for the country as a whole. >> no, he said the model for t
to stand firm. on the judicial appointment, the kinds of cases that court gets right now, it is 3-3 and they have retired judges command. the republicans are concerned that if obama gets an appointment that is going to tilt the court. that court also is a feeder to the u.s. supreme court. chief justice roberts was on that court. that is another reason that judicial appointment to that court, they are very sensitive. toare we not getting closer the day when they will blow up the filibuster? wrecks on appointments if they do not cut a deal. it would not be on show -- on judicial. >> let's get one thing straight about mel watt. this would be the first time in 160 years that a member of congress has been denied confirmation by the senate. outrageous. at the same time that fannie mae is taking on the nine biggest raised interest mel watt is the person to do it. quick senator lindsey graham is talking about locking other nominations including yellin's if he does not get more emphasis on benghazi. infor him it is a gimme south carolina. it is a sad reflection of where we are. >> you have
in effect. >>> "saturday night live" was, as usual, only kidding. they were making a joke about the obama care website debacle. but it turns out they might have been just about right. it was in their opening sketch and parody of health secretary kathleen sebelius. she said the website was only designed to handle six users at a time and it got a laugh on saturday night. then figures came out released by republicans yesterday showing only six americans actually did sign up during the website's entire first day of operations. the obama administration fought back today. they said those figures are not official. they say the pace of enrollment will pick up and new numbers will be released later this month. >>> a story from medicine making news tonight. the march of dimes says premature births in the u.s. have fallen to a 15-year low, mostly because of better health, better health care. but sadly the u.s. still ranks worst among the nations in the developing world. >>> and a man who has always dispensed medical care his way has retired. there may never be anyone like dr. russell donor of rushvi
and individual plans. people -- the market was showing you how to do health care before obama care. it was providing cheap coverage for many people across the country and yet i got to tell you something, there's no such thing as a free lunch. right now those surgeons, david, that you're talking about, they're doing that because essentially the hospitals are saying, you know what, we don't want to deal with health reform. we don't want to get paid by health reform. >> mike, while these private doctors are doing great work on the internet, think of this. what the health care exchanges are doing. they have to register 39,000 people a day in order to reach their deadline, their march 1st deadline of 7 million. 39,000 a day. if they can't handal couple hundred a day at most, how can they handle 39,000 a day? >> david, my beef with this whole obama care versus the private sector has nothing to do with the computer glitches. it has to do with the fact that when you look at procedures that are handled by the private sector because they're not covered by insurance like lasik eye surgery, de
your plan. the president is right about one thing, it's not the website that matters but theailed obamacare policy and thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhatr tonight's "willis report." have a great weekend and we will be back on monday. lou: the obama white house has refused to divulge the number of people who have enrolled in obamacare since the law went into effect. and now we know why. the numbers are so embarrassingly low that the obama administration is scrambling to wish her that this signature legislative achievements survive the obamacare disaster. i am lou dobbs. ♪ ♪ lou: evening, everyone. the obamacare website is a disaster. max baucus is calling for major changes in the program now in enrollment numbers for the first few days of the obamacare rollout are dramatically disappointing for the administration. the white house has been telling us for months that millions of americans have been visiting health, but the house oversight committee released internal notes from meetings that show only six people in total successfully enrolled on the first day enrolled. obamacare is a t
for not complying and while the obama administration says the requirement is necessary to protect a woman's right to decide when or if she wants to have children the judges were not convinced. the decision echoed the 10th circuit ruling. the court ruled against an abortion pill mandate and has relied on that ruling and other instances. another case out of the third and 6th circuit went the opposite way. the split decision may indicate that the supreme court may take on the issue. arthel, back to you. >> thanks a lot, elizabeth. >> a big parade is underway in the city of boston. the red sox are holding their victory parade today. looking at that. riding high off their world series win on a float of duck boats. love the duck boats. after beating the st. louis cards in the game six, a stunning turn around a. last year the sox had the worst season in almost 50 years. the win at fenway park ends a nearly century long dry spell for winning a world series at home. good for them. >> so much to celebrate. >> are they going to shave the beards? >> i hope so. i am glad they won, but those beards are horribl
are more solicitous of the religious conscience rights of a for profit corporation than they are of the reproductive rights of honest to goodness human beings. >> wow. dahlia, in congress this week republicans are filibustering a nomination president obama has made for the bench in the d.c. circuit, is the president putting up enough of a fight and the right kind of fight on these issues given that we know how important they are? even years down the road? >> you know, you said it in your intro, rachel, and it's so true. i think we absolutely underestimate that president george w. bush's real legacy was that he fundamentally changed the federal bench. probably for years and years to come. i mean he really did leave office having seated younger, more conservative federalist society members. you know, these people are as you said each and every one of them, you know, walking the walk. and obama had the option to respond to each of those appo t appointments we equally strong, card carrying aclu, bomb-throwing, janice rogers brown of the left. he really has opted not to. he'
. thank you for being with us. greta goes "on the record" right now. >>> six. do you hear me? six. remember that number. the obama administration well, probably wishes it could forget it. >> these early numbers are embarrassing. nothing short of embarrassing for the administration. they day one six people enrolled. >> probably just overloaded with traffic. >> millions of americans are visiting which is great news. unfortunately the site was only designed to handle six users at a time. >> internal memos are showing that six people only six people signed up on day one of the healthcare exchange program. >> what we learned from selected cherry picked leaks from the republican committee is that there are notes out there from a contractor that make estimates about figures related to enrollees in the early days of this process. >> we do not have any reliable data around enrollment, which is why we haven't given to date. >> now we know why the administration is so secretive about the numbers. >> we don't know if those enrollments occurred. they could have been insiders pla
're right, the messaging wasn't per fekt. wow, breaking news on the obama administration. but let's be serious. what people i think are getting this week is, you know what, the health plan that's being canceled is like that lemon car in my garage. i like it, i really like it, i want to keep it, i pay my payments on it. everybody tells me i shouldn't take it on the road. i hope i never have to take it on the road. and eventually someone's going to sate, you know what, that has to come off the road and you have to give up the car you like so much because it's a lemon. that's what's going on. >> that kind of lemon point, i feel like part of what happened when the president said if you like your plan you can keep it is there was an asummings in the administration that people wouldn't like that plan, like the plan that forces them to pay thousands of dollars in out of pocket costs that was bare bones and people wouldn't like it and would be want nug plans. now suddenly, at least you see on this concern trolling, people did like those plan, wanted to keep them. >> i don't know that they
incompetent or were they just lying to the american people? >> i can like. >> obama is pushing it and selling it telling america you can keep your point of cement nobody is losing your rights and americans are saying keep your plans. >> some people like to drink out of the red this solo cups. >> day you agree with this advertising? rebecca college student. >> dorothy at some point in the movie turns to her little dog toto we are not in kansas anymore. >> you are not in kansas anymore. people went to see the wizard. >> that is when you're using to defend your program? >> it is a charlotte who never gave anybody they never had. >> thousands of websites carry far more traffic that is a lame excuse. >> can you give me a ballpark of what you expect on the web site that does not work? >> we have spent about $180 million. >> you will need a bigger boat. >> i am as frustrated and angry as anyone. >> the system is improving daily for day. >> i take full responsibility to make sure it is fixed. >> you have to laugh the drama seems laughable but when it hits where it hurts it is not funny that is when y
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